Automate operational excellence

Boost and bury items based on regional preferences, local availability, brand promotion, and stock liquidation.

Localize inventory promotion

Automate repetitive tasks

Optimize inventory allocation


Preserve margin and free up cash

Superhuman merchandising, personalization that supports the needs of your retail business.

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Unprecedented merchandise analytics

Operating leverage, intake margin, markdown reduction and cash in hand. We provide the intelligence to keep your business operating in peak condition.

Choice Modelling

Optimize assortment by looking at the sale rate of items against one another, when both items are considered in a journey.

Dependency Modelling

Identify items whose availability other items sales depend on. Reducing amplified impact from out-of-stocks.

Allocation Intelligence

Geo-local stock depth analysis informs buying teams and merchandise migration decisions. Optimize buy-online-pick-up-in-store and store based fulfilment to reduce landed cost.

Demand Forecasting

Stock depth and size depth analysis, geo-localied to inform buying teams and merch migration decisioning.

Product Area Analysis

Understand the impact of Particular Audience on product areas, measure the increase in mixed baskets, view units per transaction and value per unit all in an instant.

Assortment Intelligence

Competitor price scraping and item gap analysis lets you know what you are missing from your range.

Join the party with a single line of code


Adapt every product list for every customer.

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Search - Textual & Visual

Computer vision and natural language processing combine to deliver 10x improvement in onsite product search.

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Retail Media

Incremental and high margin revenue, without effort for retailers. Premium exposure to in-market customers for brands.

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