Increase Units per Transaction +60%

Easy additions for larger baskets.


AI Powered Bundles

The #1 driver of increased AOV and basket size, product bundles drive a +30-60% increase in units per transaction

Show bundles in page or trigger popup bundles when 'add-to-cart' is clicked on PDP.


Giving You Control of Components Within AI Groupings

Filters will be applied to each possible result from top to bottom. If any candidate does not meet the filter condition it will be checked against the next filter in the list. If the candidate does not meet any filter conditions it will be skipped and the next item will be processed. Data efficiency, i.e. probable filters, is key to ordering the filters such as bicycle components to a bicycle frame.


Add-to-Cart Pop-Up

Trigger a bundle of items related to a customers latest item added to cart.


Mini-Cart Recs

Shorten the journey to next likely item after a customer tops up their basket.


Bundles & Cross Selling in Electronics

digiDirect implemented PA’s technology on its site in the lead-up to last November’s Black Friday sales event. While we initially believed it might take weeks or months for the algorithms to build up sufficient data to improve recommendations, we began to notice changes in customer behavior in December.

People were adding more products into their carts because of the more relevant related product recommendations, and we were getting more items per cart per sale.

This uplift of 30 per cent year-on-year has been especially pleasing as accessories tend to offer slightly higher margins.


Lift in Units per Transaction
Lift in Average Order Value


DigiDirect has subsequently seen an uplift of 30 per cent year-on-year, which Haig attributes to people “adding more products into their carts because of the more relevant related product recommendations, and we were getting more items per cart per sale.”

Applicable to Every Vertical


Complete The Look

Leverage cross-category bought together data, or even custom application of our visual search stack to nail Complete The Look, automatically and at scale.


Cross-Sell Cross-Category

Improve basket mix, especially with higher margin accessories to optimize for margin mix.


Style Bundles

Bundles can provide for comparable styles, with config for same category too.

Bundles of Chocolates!

Automated bundles are the lowest hanging fruit on any eCommerce website. Growing order values is great but margin efficiency from merchandiser time savings, increased units per transaction and being able to send more items per delivery is an incredible value proposition.

PA managed everything from creative design through to implementation, reporting, and even a comprehensive AB test so the team at Hotel Chocolat only had to approve widgets to go live for a massive sales uplift.

Lift in Units Per Transaction
Lift in Average Order Value
Click Through Rate
Click Conversion Rate

Complete The Look in Furniture & Homeware

Automating bundles for Raymour & Flanigan has seen a material reduction in manual merchandising work, while driving an ongoing increase in sales impact. Sitewide revenue attribution has climbed from 1.49% to 4.7% in the first 5 months, reflecting success in early categories and incremental roll out of the technology across the site.

Co-occurence algorithms leverage item purchase data to predict which item groupings should be recommended to future visitors.

Total Sales Attribution
Increase in Attribution
Click Through Rate
Click Conversion Rate

Bundles in Hobby & Craft

Automated bundles are the lowest hanging fruit on any eCommerce website. That is especially true of the hobbies category with users adding a great deal of bolt-on items to their cart in a never ending sequence of DIY, world-building and gift centric shopping for hobby enthusiasts through the children.

Lift in Average Order Value
Total Site Revenue Attributed to Bundles
Conversion on Pop-Up Bundles
Conversion on In-Page Bundles

How Does Pricing Impact AOV?

Best Prices Grow Baskets

We have even found that our SKU Level Incentives products, namely Price Beat and Best Price Affirmation are actually margin accretive in spite of discounting, growing basket size and attachment rate considerably.

Affirmation Driven Increase in AOV
Discount Driven Increase in AOV