Performance outcomes from real world implementations.

High Fashion Personalization

We partnered with cultural icon and undisputed champion in streetwear, footwear and hype to overhaul relevance and contextual personalization on their online store, as compared with a native solution.

Dynamically changing the rank order of listing pages and product recommendations based on evolving customer intent has driven a +14.45% increase in revenue per visitor and a +23.21% uplift in visitor conversion rate.

The statistically significant test measured from post-impression data 685.5k customer test case in a 50:50 split.

Lift in Conversion Rate
Lift in Average Revenue per Visitor

Luxury Furniture Personalization

We put PA's recommendations APIs to the test with stellar results including a +122% increase in ARpV.

Initially starting with desktop product page, mobile homepage and wishlist panels, mobile listing page panels rolled out to shoppers, followed by desktop listing page, homepage and wishlist panels. The use of diverse recommendation tactics across the funnel and across devices saw click through rate engagements climb from 6.7% to 10.6% in 6 months, and click conversion rate from 2.2% to 3.6% over the same period.

Lift in Average Order Value
Lift in Units per Transaction

Converting 'Drop' Traffic

Shoe Palace had a 'drop' problem, with the majority of visitors intent only on hot drops (new releases), PA helped drive extreme uplift through cross-sell basket size drivers and personalized product recommendations.

The team over at Particular Audience is amazing! They are proactive, do all the heavy lifting, and collaborate closely with your team to make sure you meet launch deadlines.

- Joe Quiroz - Digital Strategist

Increase in Longtail Item Sales
Increase in Units per Transaction
Increase in Mixed Baskets

Solving The Cold Start Problem in Daily Deals

As a daily deals site, new items are added frequently and last 1-14 days. These items have little to no behavioral data so traditional personalization tools are not able to produce relevant recommendations, also known as 'the Cold Start Problem’.

Particular Audience's NLP algorithms were able to ensure new items were surfaced, and could recommend upon those items too, right off the bat new to site.

We did our research and competitor testing, these guys don’t joke around. Finally a hassle free implementation with amazing outcome. Signed, sealed and conversion delivered.

- Lukas Jorissen - Chief Marketing Officer

Lift in Conversion
Lift in Revenue per Visitor
Lift in Units per Transaction
Increase in Longtail Item Sales

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