Increase Basket Size Up To 60% with AI Product Bundles

AI Powered Product Bundles increase basket size up to 60% without the need for PII or third party data.

Grow margins

Automate item grouping

Offer seamless shopping experience


Automatically grow basket size using AI

AI Product Bundles let you match Amazon's #1 basket size driver.

With AI capable of bundling items together and confidence scoring to ensure no irrelevant items are recommended. Bundles is a tactic to drive sales and decrease supply-chain costs.

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Measurement & Optimization

PA optimizes your set up to truly maximize sales and customer experience onsite.

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Proven and guaranteed ROI

Particular Audience (PA) will manage the integration of AI Product Bundles, optimization and ongoing management. 

This fully managed service takes care of everything. Simply copy and paste a tag into GTM or your eCommerce backend and PA will do the rest.

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Don't take our word for it

DigiDirect implemented PA tech, seeing direct results within 4 weeks. Results included:

+32.2% Lift in Units per Transaction

+14.9% Lift in Average Order Value

+5.4% Click Conversion Rate

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Adapt every product list for every customer.

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Retail Media

Introduce scalable, high margin ad revenue while enabling customers to find what they're looking for, faster.

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Price Beat

2x conversions with real time competitor price beat technology that guarantees you always have the best price.

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