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Retail Media

Automating supplier sponsorship, retailers can use onsite real estate to generate incremental high-margin revenue and give trusted brand partners direct access to high intent consumers.

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Personalize every single product list for each unique customer using basket and comparison behavior, product images and item metadata.

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Price Beat

2x conversions with real time, MAP compliant competitor price beat technology that guarantees you always have the best price.

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Automate product bundles using advanced AI. Drive up to 60% increase in Units Per Transaction, performance pricing available.

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Latest Posts

LearnWhy Retail Media is a Rapid Profit Growth Opportunity for Retailers and Brands
As the predicted 'third big wave' of digital advertising, Retail Media is an exciting opportunity for both retailers and brands.
  |   James Taylor, Caitlin McCartney, Nick Wubben
Community2022 EOY Product Memo
Head of Product Patrick Diloreto reflects on a year of development and innovation at Particular Audience.
  |   Patrick DiLoreto
PressParticular Audience Unveils Revolutionary ‘Adaptive Transformer Search’ Solving the $300 Billion eCommerce Search Problem
Brand new AI-powered site search understands shopper intent, capable of reducing zero-search results by up to 70%.
  |   Lindsay Hatton