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LearnHow Price Matching Helps Retailers Win in a Downturn
2022-08-07T22:00:00+0000   |   Caitlin McCartney
LearnThe Ultimate Guide to AI Product Bundles
2022-08-09T22:00:00+0000   |   Patrick DiLoreto and Caitlin McCartney
LearnHow YouTube’s Recommendation System Works
2021-02-04T21:00:00+0000   |   Josh Flynn


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TrendingHow Retailers Can Prepare for a Cookieless Future 
2022-06-29T22:00:00+0000   |   Caitlin McCartney
TrendingHow to Leverage AI for Customer Experience in Ecommerce
2022-06-08T22:00:00+0000   |   Caitlin McCartney
Trending4 Ways Retailers Can Optimize in a Downturn
2022-05-08T22:00:00+0000   |   Caitlin McCartney

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Boost and bury items based on regional preferences, local availability, brand promotion, and stock liquidation.

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Automating supplier sponsorship, retailers can use onsite real estate to generate incremental high-margin revenue and give trusted brand partners direct access to high intent consumers.

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PressParticular Audience raises $10m to break down data silos in eCommerce and help retailers take on Amazon
Particular Audience has raised $10m in Series A funding to democratize Amazon’s data and technology capabilities for retailers and online shoppers. 
4 Dec 2021   |   The PR Group
PressTechCrunch Features Particular Audience Series A Funding
We’re excited to share our feature in TechCrunch following Particular Audience’s recent Series A funding announcement.
4 Feb 2022   |   Rochelle Ritchie
PressCEO and Founder James Taylor Shares the Benefit of Using Product Data NOT Customer Data to Engage Customers on Add to Cart
Particular Audience Founder and CEO James Taylor recently featured on leading Australian eCommerce podcast Add to Cart.
2 Feb 2022   |   Rochelle Ritchie