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Multi-Modal Recommendations

Longtail Item Discovery in Beauty & Health

Enhance discovery of long tail items and increase revenue contributors in your top 80% of turnover: De-risking stock and suppliers while increasing basket size and conversion rates.

For Life Pharmacy, item sales attributed to Particular Audience account for 14% of total revenue, a 53% increase in session time, and a 27% increase in order values.

Multi-Modal Recommendations

Lift in Longtail Item Sales
List in AOV

Boost Merchandising

Boost Impact in Beauty

Face the Future needed to control inventory, moving overstocked items before needing to put them on markdown, and latterly discovered the eagerness with which brands they stocked were willing to boost their own exposure onsite.

Boosting as the dominant recommendation strategy.

Face the Future rolled out paid packages for brands including La Roche-Posay and have begun to integrate PA boost collections within their offering ahead of permitting self serve access to brands.

Boost Merchandising

Conversion on Organic Placements
Conversion on Boost Placements
Promoted (Boost:Organic) Sales Attribution Ratio


Menu personalization is something often overlooked on an eCommerce site, but the busier menus are, the less useful they become.

Particular Audience leverages search, browse and historic purchase signals to reorder navigation constituent ranking. Enabling a more convenient and personalized shopping journey increases customer loyalty and converts more often.

The brand menu is pay-to-play, lifting engagement even increases vendor monetization recurrence.


Lift in Navigation Click Through Rate
Lift in Navigation Conversions
Vendor Monetization on Clicks

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