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AB Test vs. Algolia Recommend

Cotswold Co left Particular Audience as a client after nearly 3 years of working together, their search vendor (Algolia) had moved into product recommendations presenting an opportunity to consolidate vendors.

Cotswold Co ran an AB test between Algolia and Particular Audience a few months later to be sure of their decision.

The test proved that Particular Audience delivered a massive +36.6% relative revenue uplift vs Algolia worth over £100k in monthly sales.


Increase in Revenue
Increase in Conversion
Increase in Average Order Value
Higher Engagement Rate


API Recommendations

Ambiente Direct HQ'd in Munich put Particular Audience's recommendations APIs to the test with stellar results including a +122% increase in ARpV.

Initially starting with desktop product page, mobile homepage and wishlist panels, mobile listing page panels rolled out to shoppers, followed by desktop listing page, homepage and wishlist panels. The use of diverse recommendation tactics across the funnel and across devices saw click through rate engagements climb from 6.7% to 10.6% in 6 months, and click conversion rate from 2.2% to 3.6% over the same period.


Uplift in Post-Impression Conversion Rate
Increase in Average Order Value
Uplift in Post-Impression Revenue per Visitor
Increase in Units per Transaction

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