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Personalizing Hype

We partnered with cultural icon and undisputed champion in streetwear, footwear and hype to overhaul relevance and contextual personalization on their online store, as compared with a native solution.

Dynamically changing the rank order of listing pages and product recommendations based on evolving customer intent has driven a +14.45% increase in revenue per visitor and a +23.21% uplift in visitor conversion rate.

The statistically significant test measured from post-impression data 685.5k customer test case in a 50:50 split.


Lift in Visitor Conversion Rate
Lift in Average Revenue per Visitor


Boosting in Beauty

Face the Future needed to control inventory, moving overstocked items before needing to put them on markdown, and latterly discovered the eagerness with which brands they stocked were willing to boost their own exposure onsite.

Boosting as the dominant recommendation strategy, that has been proven to maintain engagement and conversion paired into placement personalization AI.

Face the Future rolled out paid packages for brands including La Roche-Posay and have begun to integrate PA boost collections within their offering ahead of permitting self serve access to brands.


Conversion Rate on Organic Placements
Conversion Rate on Personalized Boost Placements
Promoted (Boost) Sales Ratio
Promoted (Boost) Click Ratio


Dynamic Navigation & Menu Personalization

Menu personalization is something often overlooked on an eCommerce site, but the busier menus are, the less useful they become.

Particular Audience leverages search, browse and historic purchase signals to reorder navigation constituent ranking. Enabling a more convenient and personalized shopping journey increases customer loyalty and converts more often.

The brand menu is pay-to-play, lifting engagement even increases vendor monetization recurrence.

The online shopping operating environment has toughened arising from the return to physical shopping. This means KrisShop really needs to up our game in traffic conversion, which is Particular Audience’s forte. 

- Siauheong Pok - CEO & Shopkeeper


Lift in Navigation Click Through Rate
Increase in Navigation Conversion Rate

Multi-Modal Recommendations

Solving The Cold Start Problem in Daily Deals

As a daily deals site, new items are added frequently and last 1-14 days. These items have little to no behavioral data so traditional personalization tools are not able to produce relevant recommendations, also known as 'the Cold Start Problem’.

Particular Audience's NLP algorithms were able to ensure new items were surfaced, and could recommend upon those items too, right off the bat new to site.

We did our research and competitor testing, these guys don’t joke around. Finally a hassle free implementation with amazing outcome. Signed, sealed and conversion delivered.

- Lukas Jorissen - Chief Marketing Officer

Multi-Modal Recommendations

Lift in Conversion
Lift in Revenue per Visitor
Lift in Units per Transaction
Increase in Longtail Item Sales

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