Solving the Needle in a Haystack Problem

1:1 product list personalization across PA powered Search, Merch and Recommendations means retailers have control over item sell through before mark downs. PA's intelligence boosts only where customers have a high probability of purchase - retailers define where, when and how.

Product Promotion

Markdown Reduction

Stock Control

Real-Time Personalization

Evolve product listings in real-time commensurate to a developing user clicktale.


Scale & Relevancy Over Pinning & Static Experiences

Now you can automate promotion at scale, no more pinning within static sitewide generic experiences for customers.

Build collections of items and define where they can appear onsite, boosted within widgets or routes you define.

Personalization ensures that items have a high probability of engagement and sale specific to each customer.


Promote Launches, Preserve Margin & Free Up Cash

Superhuman merchandising via boosting within product list personalization that supports the needs of your retail business, and the wants of your customers. Never detrimenting sales and engagement.

Boosting Brooks Running Shoes

We ran a campaign across onsite personalization to promote Brooks running shoes, only when relevant to a customer journey. We were able to report a 102% increase in sales for boosted items over organic placements with no detriment to sales and engagement thanks to personalization logic that only displayed boosted items where they had a high probability of click and purchase by that specific customer.

Particular Audience are a gem in the overcrowded personalized product discovery market. From day one our account manager has (1) taken an active interest in our business and its nuances, (2) proactively suggested solutions that are tailored for our specific needs, (3) focused on continual performance improvement. Their collaborative approach of working with regular reviews has meant we've been able to achieve some fantastic results together which are helping us to grow in the very competitive niche of sports eCommerce.

- Roumen Staykov - Founder / CEO

Increase in Sales for Boosted Items
Return on Investment

Visual Collection Builder


Boost Collection Location Management

If you combine Route and Widget selections, the collection will apply only to selected widgets that fall on the selected routes.

If you only select Routes, the collection will apply to any of those Routes. The behaviour is the same when you only select Widgets.


Measurement Guides Kill/Continue Campaign Management

Create noise with new launches.

Track performance of boost campaigns to relay onto brands via Co-Op and/or Trade Marketing package based budgets.

Or, simply test and measure your own boost campaign performance and targeting variations to get a read on whether the issue of overstocks comes down to share of voice or price, before needing to move items into markdown.

Boosting in Beauty

Face the Future needed to control inventory, moving overstocked items before needing to put them on markdown, and latterly discovered the eagerness with which brands they stocked were willing to boost their own exposure onsite.

Boosting as the dominant recommendation strategy, that has been proven to maintain engagement and conversion paired into placement personalization AI.

Face the Future rolled out paid packages for brands including La Roche-Posay and have begun to integrate PA boost collections within their offering ahead of permitting self serve access to brands.

Conversion Rate on Organic Placements
Conversion Rate on Personalized Boost Placements
Promoted (Boost) Sales Ratio
Promoted (Boost) Click Ratio

Data Services

Merchandise Analytics

Operating leverage, intake margin, markdown reduction and cash in hand. We provide the intelligence to keep your business operating in peak condition.