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Bundles of Chocolate!

Automated bundles are the lowest hanging fruit on any eCommerce website. Growing order values is great but margin efficiency from merchandiser time savings, increased units per transaction and being able to send more items per delivery is an incredible value proposition.

PA managed everything from creative design through to implementation, reporting, and even a comprehensive AB test so the team at Hotel Chocolat only had to approve widgets to go live for a massive sales uplift.


Lift in Units per Transaction
Lift in Average Order Value


Replacing Static Browsing with Real-Time Personalization

We partnered with DACH regions leading farm to table, organic online grocer to power onsite product recommendation and make listing pages dynamic to consumer intent. For example, the top row of the bakery section would reshuffle to show burger buns up top if a customer had just added mince to their cart.

A magically relevant user experience that drove a whopping 71.61% click conversion rate, on a click through rate of 3.88%. Time to value greatly reduced for shoppers.

Dynamic re-ranking would simply disappear as soon as a customer began to use facets and filters thereafter.


PLP Lift Over PDP Sales
PLP Lift Over Home Page Sales
Click Through Rate
Click Conversion Rate

Bundling Luxury Tea & Chocolate

Automating bundles for Whittard of Chelsea has seen a material reduction in manual merchandising work, while driving an ongoing increase in sales impact. Sitewide revenue attribution has climbed from 2.2% to 4.58% in the last 5 months, reflecting ongoing optimisation of algorithms.

Engagement is high at 8.7% with a massive 20% conversion rate, and click through rate rises further to 12.3% in peak Christmas trade.

Sales Attribution
Increase in Attribution (5 Months)
Click Through Rate
Click Conversion Rate

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