Overpower The Power Law

The endless aisle problem in eCommerce means stagnant, cold and undiscovered longtails can form.

New launches can underperform, and inventory can accrue into unwanted cash piles you can't invest in higher return channels.

Particular Audience can help you double the % of SKUs that make up the head of your range, where 80% of your revenue comes from.


Accessories Have Higher Margins

Effective cross-selling strategies mean you can improve basket mix with a weighting towards higher margin, cheaper to ship bolt-on products.

Growing Range Mix in Fashion

As ranges grow, a static web experience means that fewer items get discovered and revenue concentrates in a subset of products.

By improving discoverability, retailers can capture more customer intent and spread sales across inventory.

New items to site won't show up in many legacy recommendation solutions as a cold start problem exists with their limited data. We applied computer vision to surface visually similar items to in-market consumers to expand their discovery, and paired with bought together collaborative filtering recommendations to increase bolt-on purchases.

Increased SKUs in Head of Range
Increase in AOV
Higher Revenue per Visitor


Double Longtail Penetration

Through PA's Multi-Modal Recommendations, paired with Boost Merchandising product suite retailers can achieve awesome longtail penetration surfacing less popular items within relevant shopping journeys.

Growing Range Mix in Beauty & Pharma

Enhance discovery of long tail items and increase revenue contributors in your top 80% of turnover: De-risking stock and suppliers while increasing basket size and conversion rates.

For Life Pharmacy, item sales attributed to Particular Audience account for 14% of total revenue, a 53% increase in session time, and a 27% increase in order values.

We have absolutely lobed working with you and seeing the impact your tool has had on CX and ultimately conversion! Looking forward to more development and growth opportunity! Kudos Particular Audience !!

- Sarah Crawford - Digital Lead

Lift in Average Order Value
Lift in Longtail Item Sales


Right Product, Right Customer, Right time.

Make discovery as intuitive as Spotify continues a playlist. Delight with frictionless user experience.

Adaptive Transformer Search improves search revenue by ~30% on legacy keyword search engines through machine intelligent understanding of intent and better relevance in results.

Dynamic Listing pages adapt in real time as a browser's preference evolve.

Similar Item discovery done correctly can rescue site abandonment when size depth or other issues prevent conversion on initial consideration items.