Unique Experiences For Every Visitor

Personalize every single product list for each unique customer.

Solve the endless aisle problem, by showing the right thing to the right person at the right time.

Delight customers with the eCommerce experiences of tomorrow. Powered by AI that understands what it’s looking at, AI that can read, AI that knows how people similar to you have browsed and bought.

Visual similarity

Attribute affinity

Wisdom of the crowd


Your Customers Are Their Clicktale.

You have 0.000001% of your customer data, and 100% of your item data. Product data is robust and privacy preserving.


Unique Experiences Are The Future.

You are not the only option. Help customers find what they're looking for, to stop them going elsewhere.

Complete Analytics

The most comprehensive measurement suite in market. Efficient optimization depends on it.


Engagement at a carousel, slot and algorithm level ensures accurate representation of data.


SKU level attribution provides visibility down to a line item helping you to understand the exact items that were recommended, engaged with and purchased.


A/B Testing tracks metrics between cohorts and by page element without a key of code.

Algorithm Performance

Compare how competing algorithms perform in varied context.

Google Analytics

We even integrate into your own Google Analytics to give you visibility on performance in context to the rest of your user experience.

Inventory Allocation

Dependency and/or Choice Modelling provide intelligence on which items depend on others to sell, and which items cannibalise. Improving stock depth and allocation decisions.

Competitive Insights

Report on net gain +/- loss by brand, product or category. Understand the impact boosting and product sponsorship.

Product Area Analysis

Mixed basket analysis demonstrates impact on cross-category discovery, and helps us to understand the impact of recommendation logic on different parts of your retail store.

Longtail Analysis

Enhance discovery of long tail items and increase revenue contributors in your top 80% of turnover: De-risking stock and suppliers while increasing basket size and conversion rates.

Success Stories

“The team over at Particular Audience is amazing!

They are proactive, do all the heavy lifting, and collaborate closely with your team to make sure you meet launch deadlines.

PA keeps revenue and margins in mind when providing smart solutions to your e-commerce needs.”

– Jose Quiroz

Digital Marketing Strategist, Shoe Palace