Monetize your website with PA Retail Media

Introduce scalable, high margin ad revenue while enabling customers to find what they're looking for, faster. Deliver relevant customer experience, while allowing brands to bid for placement on your website.

Made available with our free of charge, 100% managed service. Guaranteed high scalable returns without investment.

Brands improve their position on the digital shelf

Retailers Maintain Relevant And High Converting UX

Deliver AI powered contextual commerce

Match customer intent with personalized CX

90% of customers don't look past the first page of search results.

PA Retail Media platform matches high customer intent with personalized product placement that brands are willing to pay for.

Retailers have full control of where on site monetization can occur. You can customize bidding opportunities for brands while allowing them to positively impact digital merchandising.

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100% managed service, including ad sales & reporting

Monetize your website while supporting brand growth

With directly attributed ROI, Retail Media is fast becoming a brands first point of call for quick revenue and measurable margin uplift.

With PA Retail Media platform, retailers and brands can track, measure and optimize results. Levelling up your site experience while driving increased sales through a new high margin channel.

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Deliver 100% anonymous, AI powered personalization

Effectively prove and deliver marketing ROI

Brands see between a $5,000 to $10 million sales uplift through PA Retail Media.

Build better relationships with brands by making their marketing dollars go further, with some brands seeing more than a 6% increase in market share through Retail Media.

PA Retail Media offers easy to implement bidding and measurable attribution. Meaning you can measure return on ad spend as your brands do. So everyone can measure and prove success easily.

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Main features

Dynamic bid strategies

An ad bidding platform with a range of business objectives and options.

Range of ad types

A range of content types to choose from including Carousel, Search Result and Banner.

Range of placements

A range of different ad placement options including Home Page, Landing Page, Product Listing Page, Search Results, Product Detail Page, Minibag, Cart and Exit Intent.

Retailer ad management

Each supplier manages their bidding strategy, ad types and placements. All retailer options match your personalized CX goals.

Join the party with a single line of code


Adapt every product list for every customer.

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Automate Product Bundles using advanced AI. Drive up to a 60% increase in Units per Transaction, performance pricing available.

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Price Beat

2x conversions with real time competitor price beat technology that guarantees you always have the best price.

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