Brand marketing on eCommerce websites

Automating supplier sponsorship, retailers can use onsite real estate to generate incremental high-margin revenue and give trusted brand partners direct access to high intent consumers.

In-Market Shoppers

Seamless UX

Brand Partner Building

AI powered contextual commerce

Personalization ensures total relevance to each customer and their context

Sponsored items can be limited to a tiny or large proportion of a retail website, retailers have total control over where and what can be promoted

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AI powered contextual commerce

Premium real estate for acquisitive brands

No other media format provides access within close proximity to in-market shoppers

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Campaign automation, bid management and payment processing

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Inventory Types

Promotional Hero

Landing page takeovers or equivalent 'private market' placements

High Intent

Promote items on competing product detail pages to ensure fair exposure in a sale decision

Category Level

Biddable real estate on corresponding category listing pages

Search Results

Automate high rank within applicable search results, no need to manually set keywords

Join the party with a single line of code


Adapt every product list for every customer.

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Search - Textual & Visual

Computer vision and natural language processing combine to deliver 10x improvement in onsite product search.

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Incremental and high margin revenue, without effort for retailers. Premium exposure to in-market customers for brands.

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