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Predictive Personalisation

Cross-Sell & Promotion Optimisation Technologies for eCommerce

Hands-Off ROI

Machine Learning, Paid on Performance

Increase ARPU

as much as 27%

AB Testing


Collective Intelligence

Algorithm A/B Testing

Bespoke Rules


Contextual Targeting

Propensity Modelling

Advanced Event Tracking


Managed Optimisation

Rapid Tag Integration

Industry Leading R&D

Reporting & Optimisation

Unparalleled metrics for total transparency and informed optimisation. There are literally hundreds of machine learning algorithms out there, leave the data science to us to ensure best use of limited site real estate.

Account Management

Our team of eCommerce optimisation specialists guide you on best practices, execute continuous A/B testing and work to align targeting and bespoke logic for your customers.

Research & Development

Be more relevant to your customers with Particular Audience. We are continuously refining our algorithms and adding cutting edge approaches made possible by the fast advancing fields of computer processing and artificial intelligence.