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AI for your Customers

Saving Retailers Money, Increasing Retailer Revenue.

Hands-Off ROI

Machine Learning, Paid on Performance

Increase ARPU

as much as 27%

PA enables item discovery through extremely personalised product recommendations, allowing your shoppers to utilise intuitively titled multi-panel recommendation tools to find the item they are most likely to convert on.

We achieve an unfair data advantage through the scale of the PA Network. Millions of customer journeys inform both item-to-item and user-profile based tactics to maximise relevance in your product recommendations onsite.

We remove all manual work from the equation by leveraging divisions of machine learning including collaborative filtering and clustering, kept accountable by the periodic A/B testing of algorithms.

Visually similar recommendations avoid the cold start of limited interaction history for new items and allow us to filter for alternative items.

A/B test this logic against collective intelligence algorithms to ensure optimal use of site real estate, or compliment them with additional and intuitively titled recommendation panels.

We help power e-commerce companies that do not yet have their own algorithms to boost revenue per customer, matching margin and business rule considerations with bespoke logic as required.

Our custom algorithm API goes a step further allowing mature retailers that wish to configure their own algorithms on our scale-happy machine learning platform and cloud infrastructure. A/B testing with our own tactic library.

Convert low transacting customers with hyper targeted time limited incentives and dynamic SKU level deals, all with machine learning powered compatibility scores.

– Incentivise customers on un-popular items.

– Incentivise customers on low match items (similar to Netflix match scoring).

– Inform customers of high item match scores to encourage conversion.

– Connect with your deals feed and automatically push relevant deals in context to the pages visited.

– Capture coupon search traffic with your own self-branded deals page, relevant incentives are filtered based on a visitors cart contents.

Leverage historic behaviour and internet scale data from the PA Network to display the items a site visitor is looking for, on first impression.

Our customer clusters can be defined from as many as 800 touch points per month across nearly 100 million web and mobile destinations, meaning you can greet customers both new and returning with an experience tailored to their specific needs, super-charging click throughs onsite.

Custom linking with PA prevents code leaks to plugins and third party websites, keeping partner marketing campaigns and your bottom line secure.

– Our system matches PA generated custom link strings with referrer information to validate and verify genuine qualifying customers.

– Natively highlight coupon adjusted price to increase conversions on product detail, category and cart pages.

– PA seamlessly auto-applies qualifying codes at checkout.

– Cart page multi-deal resolution allows customers to choose between deals they’ve qualified for in cases of one deal per purchase.

AB Testing


Collective Intelligence

Algorithm A/B Testing

Bespoke Rules


Contextual Targeting

Propensity Modelling

Advanced Event Tracking


Managed Optimisation

Rapid Tag Integration

Industry Leading R&D

Reporting & Optimisation

Unparalleled metrics for total transparency and informed optimisation. There are literally hundreds of machine learning algorithms out there, leave the data science to us to ensure best use of limited site real estate.

Account Management

Our team of eCommerce optimisation specialists guide you on best practices, execute continuous A/B testing and work to align targeting and bespoke logic for your customers.

Research & Development

Be more relevant to your customers with Particular Audience. We are continuously refining our algorithms and adding cutting edge approaches made possible by the fast advancing fields of computer processing and artificial intelligence.