Predictive Personalisation

Cross-Sell Optimisation + Dynamic Pricing Technologies for eCommerce

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Personalisation for a Guaranteed ROI

Machine Learning, Paid on Performance

Product Recommendations

that drive up to 35%

of eCommerce sales.

AB Testing


Collective Intelligence

Clearbox Algorithms

Bespoke Tactics


Custom Targeting

Slot Logic Diversity

Advanced Event Tracking


Expert Account Management

Lightweight Integrations

Industry Leading R&D

Reporting & Optimisation

There are literally hundreds of machine learning algorithms for product recommendations and pricing optimisation, leave the data science to us and let us maximise both sales volume and your profit margins.

Account Management

Our team of eCommerce optimisation specialists are here to guide you on best practices, execute continuous agile testing and work with you to align targeting and bespoke logic for your customers.

Research & Development

Be more relevant to your customers with Particular Audience’s recommendation tools. We are continuously refining our algorithms and adding cutting edge approaches made possible by the fast advancing fields of computer processing and artificial intelligence.