The AI layer for your commerce platform

60% +


102% +

Conversion increase

15% +


21% +

Margin increase


Monetize your digital shelf

PA Retail Media helps retailers generate incremental high-margin revenue via sponsor products within AI-powered product discovery.

Customers are recommended relevant sponsored products that suit their shopping journey.

For brands, Retail Media is a cost-effective investment that links ad spend directly to digital sales, ensuring the greatest ROAS.

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Future proof AI

Private. Cookieless. Relevant.

PA uses 100% anonymous item data led AI and Machine Learning to help customers find what they want faster on ecommerce sites.

Our future proof technology doesn't use cookies or personal data, meaning shoppers enjoy privacy first, relevant experiences on our client's sites.

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AI powered conversions

Leverage AI to drive sales

Our serviced AI software increases revenue for online retailers.

We connect the right customer to the right product at the right time with 100% anonymous personalization.

Products include automated product bundling, vector search, recommendations, and smart pricing technology.

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Success Stories

“The team over at Particular Audience is amazing!

They are proactive, do all the heavy lifting, and collaborate closely with your team to make sure you meet launch deadlines.

PA keeps revenue and margins in mind when providing smart solutions to your e-commerce needs.”

– Jose Quiroz

Digital Marketing Strategist, Shoe Palace

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Merchandising & Recommendations

Personalize and customize every product list onsite with scalable, data-driven technology.

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Search - Textual & Visual

Market dominating search and discovery applies computer vision vectors, natural language processing and see-similar item filtering technology.

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Retail Media

Enable your suppliers with paid access to high intent shoppers on the premium contextual real estate: your own site.

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