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 Amazon Technology

for the Rest of Retail

Connecting retailers and shoppers to relevant information, effortlessly and contextually through data loop technology.


Item Orientated Personalisation


State of the art behaviour led collaborative filtering, natural language processing and computer vision technology combine to deliver best-in-market product recommendations

Inventory Optimisation

87% of in-store shopping journeys begin online, online browsing and demand signals offer unprecedented inventory demand planning


Cross channel applications range from email to in-store point of sale

Visual Search

Market leading object detection, similarity scoring and deep attribute intuition power image search and visually similar product recommendations 


What We’ve Been Up To

scalable and accurate

Get Everything You Need With PA

Strictly scalable automation.

Each technology Particular Audience builds will never rely solely on manual rules, human hunch or hypothesis. Every customer interaction is decided by massive data, context aware algorithm tailoring and decision systems grounded in cutting edge artificial intelligence.

We are uniquely placed to help our clients capitalise on retail’s ever changing climate.


What You Get

Mobile First


Fully Managed

3rd Party Integrations

Updates & Fixes

Proactive Reporting

24hr Support

Built In Analytics

"We have absolutely loved working with you and seeing the impact your tool has had on CX and ultimately conversion! Looking forward to more development and growth opportunity! Kudos Particular Audience !!"

"PA were super pro-active in optimisation, from widget design through to tactic placement."

"Making it obvious to customers on our site that we have complimentary products suited to their needs, which increased basket spend size."

“promising start indeed!”

Promoting own brand, high margin items while being relevant to our customers is a big win.

“PA were super pro-active”

To have a solution you can literally drop into tag manager that generates ROI so quickly was unbelievable.

“a simple Copy and paste integration has delivered a huge 49x ROI” 

Particular Audience was a great addition to our massive Black Friday sale, I was impressed with the responsiveness and accuracy of the recommendations.

Fully Responsive

Built For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

As a lightweight Javascript technology we are completely platform agnostic. We have clients on all major platforms including Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Hybris and BigCommerce as well as custom built sites and internal systems.

We can be up and running in 4 weeks flat, model training inclusive. Taking you no more than a copy and paste into Google Tag Manager or equivalent, we do absolutely everything else.


Choose A Plan That Works For You

We offer performance pricing on a cost per sale basis and fixed fee options too. Just get in touch to explore service tiers and line items for a quote.


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Intuition With Behavioural Data

Absolute best in class product and content recommendations are enabled by custom implicit behaviour tracking, completely configurable logic not just optimised for top line revenue but allowing for margin sensitivity and supplier sponsorship boost and bury functionality too.


Pictures Speak One Thousand Words

Using divisions of computer vision we can calculate the visual similarity of items in your catalogue to power visually similar product recommendations, onsite visual search and the automation of detail classification for retail facing metadata and internal content management.


Perfect Experience In-Store & Online

Inventory allocation optimisation technology supports stock size depth, ship from store efficiencies and the means to never lose a sale due to out-of-stocks. We use online demand signals to inform optimal allocation planning.

Smart mirrors apply computer vision and collaborative item to item relevancy scores trained online can be used to inform unconvinced customers in the fitting room of better suited alternatives.

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