Leading search and discovery for 100 million+ products

Computer vision and natural language processing combine to deliver 10x improvement in onsite product search.

Text & Visual Search

Personalized & Semantic

Customizable Item Boosts


Applied machine learning at every step of a search

Intuitive navigation makes any product tile interactive, filtering product listing pages within the fold.

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360° Search experiences include both textual and visual inputs

Object detection trained on a dataset of over 15 million images accurately identifies items in uploaded photos, and our computer vision AI finds the most visually similar items you have in stock.

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We understand intent, personalizing search results for every single customer

You're not the only option, far from it. Help customers find what they're looking for or they'll find it elsewhere.

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Search Features

Typo Tolerance

Our system automatically corrects human error and extends possible intent with fuzzy search

Predictive Text

Autofill search bars as they type to save shoppers the trouble

Advanced Filters & Sort

We support any combination of facets to aid search and discovery

Personalized Result Ranking

Search terms can mean very different things for different people, re-rank results for each individual customer

Customisable Result Ranking

Control what items will show first, enable sponsored items and/or promote unwanted stock when it is relevant

Synonym Setting

We can work with you to develop synonym lists and ensure the search engine fits with your type of retail

Join the party with a single line of code

Retail Media

Incremental and high margin revenue, without effort for retailers. Premium exposure to in-market customers for brands.

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Automate Product Bundles using advanced AI. Drive up to a 60% increase in Units per Transaction, performance pricing available.

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Price Beat

2x conversions with real time competitor price beat technology that guarantees you always have the best price.

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