Compete on Price. Control Margin. Convert More.

Improve your user experience, give customers immediate confidence to purchase.

Apply real-time market pricing data to confirm customers have the best price, or adapt pricing in-session.

Maximum discount can be configured at both the SKU and basket level.

Similar Inc is a consumer facing price comparison app and part of the Particular Audience group.


Convert Price Conscious Shoppers

Display and beat the best price in the market, provide customers with the information they need to purchase with confidence, capture abandonment.

Price Affirmation drives a +20-80% increase in conversions while Price Beat can drive +100-300% more sales on enabled products, all powered by pricing leader Similar Inc (a PA company).


Deliver Smooth Customer Experience

Price Beat enables automation of instore price policies online for the first time ever.

Retaining and delighting customers, winning you more conversions and taking market share from competitors.


Discount Thresholds & Basket Limits

With bespoke margin control and targeting, you can choose the discount limit by category, brand and price bracket, removing any scope for error. Giving you control all the way down to the SKU level.

Complement with basket level discounting rules.

Live dashboard and custom reporting by PA pair to give you full visibility on discount usage and incrementality.

No Calls. No Forms. No Visits.

Outdated methods of price matching are full of friction.

Customers won't wait for your form response and they don't want to travel in store.

journeys are abandoned due to finding a better deal elsewhere.

Automated Price Beat & Best Price Affirmation on Toys

We partnered with a leading toy retailer to price-match LEGO products vs 3 competitors.

Two variants displayed:

1) Confirming the retailer already has the best price

2) Price beating competitors by automatically discounting at checkout

Customers that triggered a price-match modal converted at a significantly higher rate than customers that did not.

Even confirming the site already had the best price drove significant uplift by converting price comparison shoppers.

Lift in Conversion with Price Match Discount
Lift in Conversion for Best Price Affirmation


Detailed Incrementality Reporting

Insights down to the SKU level via post-impression, post-click or outright AB testing.

Engagement and attribution analytics available in the Particular Audience Web App.

Price Beat & Bundles on Music Equipment

We partnered with a music equipment retailer operating in a fiercely competitive market where business and consumer buyers hunt for the best price. The retailer ran Price Beat and Best Price Affirmation across JBL products to drive a +209.5% uplift in conversion rate for Price Beat enabled items.

To avert discounts impacting margin, they also leveraged Particular Audience's AI Powered Product Bundles to drive a +72.1% increase in AOV and a +42.4% higher units per transaction.

Increase in Session Conversion Rate
Discount Cost to Margin
Increase in Average Order Value
Higher Units per Transation


What if a competitor prices below profit?

You control discount limits or 'minimum margin' down to a SKU level.

How do you ensure accuracy with nuanced product areas?

We apply multi-factor data validation, applying a hybrid probability score methodology that leverages NLP, fuzzy search and exact token matching.

How risky is fuzzy search?

We are able to set confidence thresholds, validated by proxy signals like price distribution from mean, that when falling below triggers flags with a default 'do not display' for human-in-the-loop checks.

How do you get around bot blockers and scraping gateways?

Bots are now faster and more accurate than humans at solving CAPTCHAs, see the proof here: - blockers and gateways work on pattern recognition, we work on pattern obfuscation. We also benefit from multi-source data ranging from direct scraping, to aggregators to cached data from recent real life page visits.

How do you work with state and store variations?

From a retailer's own variation we can organise pricing variance by store level. From a competitor's own variation we apply residential IP routing among other tactics to drill down to regional data.

How do you handle static images or offline press/catalogues?

Where we will aim to automate ~80% of price policy automation across an enterprise retail group, this additional level of diligence will fall on the retailer's own pricing team to continue to work with.

How do you handle shipping cost variability, offers and multi-buy?

While our core focus is on item level pricing intelligence, these intricacies may be scoped on a case by case basis.

How do you work with Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) laws?

While mostly limited to North American applications, Price Affirmation is an excellent tool to drive increased conversion with Price Match applying only to a minimum advertised pricing level, and where applicable. We can also support in identifying competitor MAP infringements.

Do you work with brands to monitor retailer pricing?

Yes, and we can also offer Merchandise Analytics to help them understand how pricing influences sales across retailers, regionally and nationally.

Best Price Affirmation on Tools

We partnered with a leading multi-brand tools retailer to price beat Makita products against 6 approved competitors. Due to minimum advertised pricing rules, the dominant campaign triggered was Best Price Affirmation.

Customer Conversion Rate Uplift
Session Conversion Rate Uplift
PDP Conversion Rate Uplift
Post-Click Attribution

The Most Comprehensive Pricing Suite in Market

Price Affirmation

Third party qualification and social proof that you have the best price.

Price Match

Pricing policy automation to remove manual friction.

Price Beat

Conversion driving competitor price beat incentives to acquire market share.

Dynamic Pricing

Margin preservation by way of recommendations to increase prices where you may be leaving money on the table, and price decreases where you're losing traffic to competitors.

Margin Management

Max discount / minimum margin configuration down to the SKU level.

Price Scraping

SLA based reporting on exact match, and similar match items from defined competitors.

Price Intelligence

Custom reporting available via consultation and includes price elasticity modelling in context to competitors, competitor trend forecasting, etc.


We Provide a Fully Managed Service

Management consulting followed by implementation ensures you're never left with a strategy you can't action. We guide your team through every step regardless of the complexity.