Australian Financial Review Exclusive on Particular Audience Series A Funding 

Published 11th Jan 2022 by Rochelle Ritchie
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The Australian Financial Review recently covered our Series A announcement with an exclusive feature reporting on EVP and Carthona Capital’s investment in the round. 

The Australian Financial Review shares how our machine learning and AI predictive technology helps retailers match in-moment customer intent, using item data and without the need for personal customer data. 

As referenced in the article, the mission of Particular Audience matches changing data privacy laws in the EU (GDPR) and the recent and upcoming updates to third-party data tracking, all focused on protecting data privacy for individuals around the world, while focusing on optimising individual customer experience online.

“As a customer, you don’t care so much if you go to a website, and it says ‘hi [insert name], welcome back’.”

“You care more that you go onto the website, and it shows you items that you’re actually interested in purchasing that day. And the technology behind that is understanding item-to-item relationships.”

In the interview, EVP partner Daniel Szekely shared EVP’s decision to invest in Particular Audience, recounting how he met our Founder and CEO, James Taylor, and how their professional relationship developed. 

“I thought Particular Audience was great, James is great, and what he did well was that he stayed in touch. It’s a textbook case of stakeholder management and relationship management, and now we’ve got a really good relationship.”

Carthona Capital partner Damian Fox also shared  his thoughts on the future of the company.

“As Particular Audience continues to scale and release new products at different points of the customer journey, we will see incremental improvements in its underlying machine learning-based predictive intelligence engine, which drives its personalisation products, a sort of network effect”. 

To read the full story, check out the feature here

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