Trending3 Trends Shaping the Future of Commerce
Retailers are using cutting edge technologies and new strategies to provide better customer experiences and sell more online. This includes AI assisted cross selling, leading with a privacy first appr...
0, May 2022   |   Caitlin McCartney
TrendingCustomer Data Platforms, the Future of Personalization in Ecommerce?
Personalization is more than just a trending topic, it’s the future of ecommerce and digital marketing. Marketers are looking to improve CX in a time of uncertainty, with many turning to Customer Data...
6, Feb 2022   |   James Taylor & Caitlin McCartney
Trending3 Ways Personalization Improves Customer Experience in Ecommerce
How do you ensure every customer who visits a website has an incredible experience? Enter personalization. 
4, Feb 2022   |   Patrick DiLoreto & Caitlin McCartney
TrendingAdvertising Is Dead, Long Live Retail Media
Without access to third-party cookies, marketers need to rethink the most effective ways to utilize data to optimize for sales and conversions, not to mention better CX. Retail Media presents an incre...
4, Feb 2022   |   James Taylor & Caitlin McCartney

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Boost and bury items based on regional preferences, local availability, brand promotion, and stock liquidation.

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