CMO Magazine Shares How DigiDirect Uses Particular Audience to Drive Revenue Growth

Published 20th Mar 2022 by Rochelle Ritchie
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CMO Magazine recently shared how DigiDirect uses AI and product recommendation capabilities from Particular Audience to drive personalized experience digitally for customers. 

Starting by mentioning the retail-wide focus on personalization, CMO note that marketers currently face a challenge in trying to use ever limited customer data to make predictions and provide meaningful personalization - especially in light of the practical implications (ie. privacy issues) of customer data. 

CMO report that Australian independent specialty photographic store, DigiDirect, found a way to increase basket size by focusing their personalization initiatives onto something the company already had complete knowledge of - its products. 

Using Particular Audience’s AI technology, the article shares how DigiDirect boosted sell-through by improving product recommendations. 

DigiDirect Head of Digital, Haig Kayserian said DigiDirect implemented PA’s technology on its site in the lead up to last November’s Black Friday sales event. While he initially believed it might take weeks or months for the algorithms to build up sufficient data to improve recommendations, he began to notice changes in customer behavior in December.

DigiDirect has subsequently seen an uplift of 30 per cent year-on-year, which Haig attributes to people “adding more products into their carts because of the more relevant related product recommendations, and we were getting more items per cart per sale.”

The article then quotes PA senior product manager, Patrick DiLoreto, who joined the company in late 2021 having been a customer in his previous role as head of ecommerce in Australia at PVH Corp, owner of the Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Heritage Brands.

Patrick emphasizes that PA gives clients a source of data beyond the customer. Acknowledging the current race to first-party data in the MarTech landscape, Patrick explains that PA’s focus is to “build the most unique and relevant personalisation based on understanding deep relationships between item data, rather than on the user and who they are exactly.” This method uses 100% anonymous data, and creates value for retailers and customers by enabling incredible customer experience (CX) without violating personal information (PI).

CMO notes that PA is able to achieve amazing CX through a combination of technologies, chief among these being natural language processing and computer vision.

Patrick is quoted as saying “The technology will recognise that image for what it is and make recommendations – understanding more than the name and description, but also related products…It creates a better understanding of the product by allowing the machine to understand it.”

The article ends by touching on PA’s upcoming Retail Media offering, which Patrick describes as “one of the fastest growing advertising channels in the industry”.

To read the full article you can find it here at CMO.

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