Working with Particular Audience - FAQs

Published 8th Sep 2022 by Beth Smith
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What is the integration process?

The integration process includes everything from signing the Statement of Work to getting our platform live on your website. Our sales team, account managers and engineers will work tirelessly to ensure that our platform is live as soon as possible.

How can I speed up the integration process?

Two simple ways to speed up the process are:
1. Answer any questions from your sales manager as quickly as possible. 

2. Working with your sales manager to define what elements of the widget build are necessary for first release.
Certain elements of a widget build are more time-consuming than others. At the start of the integration process your sales manager will discuss which elements are likely to take longer to build, and which elements could be worked on post live date.

Why do you need a product feed?

We can secure a lot of customer behavioral data with our tracking tag, but the most accurate way of obtaining product data (e.g. availability, price, sale price, image url) is to use your product feed.

Using a feed means that product data will always be up to date with the latest information.

Why are test purchases needed?

We place test purchases to ensure that we are tracking customers through the checkout process correctly.

Why do you need a dispatch address and coupon code? 

Typically we use your warehouse’s address as a delivery address. In the event of a test purchase not being successfully canceled, the order cannot leave the site if the warehouse address is the delivery address. 

We require coupon codes to ensure we can correctly track a checkout even when customers add a coupon code. 

What will you use historic sales data for?

When we go live, we will have comparatively little data on sales. Historic sales data is used to enrich our dataset and generate more relevant recommendations faster.

This will allow us to drive AOV more successfully as soon as possible. 

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