LearnWorking with Particular Audience - FAQs
We answer your questions about the PA integrations process.
4, Sep 2022   |   Beth Smith
LearnThe Ultimate Guide to AI Product Bundles
An easy way to deliver great customer experience and grow sales, AI product bundles are the ultimate win-win.
2, Aug 2022   |   Patrick DiLoreto and Caitlin McCartney
LearnHow Price Matching Helps Retailers Win in a Downturn
In times of economic downturn, price matching is an effective strategy to build consumer trust and boost conversions.
0, Aug 2022   |   Caitlin McCartney
LearnGoogle Analytics 4: Everything You Need to Know
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the most significant change to Google Analytics ever - we breakdown what you need to know.
2, Jun 2022   |   Beth Smith
LearnHow to Get Your Product Bundling Strategy Right 
With inflation rising, DTC companies are betting on bundles to drive sales. 
1, May 2022   |   Caitlin McCartney
Learn3 Ways Retailers Can Optimize their Online Store
Learn about smart pricing and alternate monetization strategies onsite, and how retailers can optimize their online store with AI powered tech.
2, Apr 2022   |   Patrick DiLoreto & Caitlin McCartney
Learn'Consumers Rarely Notice Inflation'
How inflation is going to impact consumers and retailers.
4, Mar 2022   |   James Taylor, Caitlin McCartney and Ateeqa Asif
LearnHow YouTube’s Recommendation System Works
To understand how YouTube’s recommendation system works, we have to look at three issues YouTube has to solve to provide its customers with a best in class recommendation experience.
4, Feb 2021   |   Josh Flynn
LearnAn Introduction to A/B Testing
A/B tests come about through identifying a problem, and then crafting a hypothesis around this problem.
4, Feb 2021   |   Langton McCombe

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Boost and bury items based on regional preferences, local availability, brand promotion, and stock liquidation.

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Computer vision and natural language processing combine to deliver 10x improvement in onsite product search.

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Automating supplier sponsorship, retailers can use onsite real estate to generate incremental high-margin revenue and give trusted brand partners direct access to high intent consumers.

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Personalize every single product list for each unique customer using basket and comparison behavior, product images and item metadata

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