Community2022 EOY Product Memo
Head of Product Patrick Diloreto reflects on a year of development and innovation at Particular Audience.
4, Dec 2022   |   Patrick DiLoreto
CommunityQ&A with Fabio Cancemi: Senior Account Manager at Particular Audience
Meet Fabio Cancemi, Senior Account Manager at Particular Audience.
2, Aug 2022   |   Caitlin McCartney
CommunityQ&A with Mukul Jaggi: Data Analyst at Particular Audience
Meet Mukul Jaggi, a Data Analyst at Particular Audience.
1, Jun 2022   |   Rochelle Ritchie
CommunityQ&A with Sahan Wimalasiri: Senior DevOps Engineer at Particular Audience
Meet Sahan Wimalasiri, Senior DevOps Engineer at Particular Audience. At work, Sahan leads DevOps optimization for the company. Outside of work, Sahan is fascinated with how AI can automate his life. ...
1, Jun 2022   |   Rochelle Ritchie
CommunityQ&A with Murtaza Ali: Team Lead at Particular Audience
Meet Murtaza Ali, Development Team Lead at Particular Audience.
3, May 2022   |   Rochelle Ritchie
CommunityQ&A with Josh, Tom, Arbs and Paul: Expansion to the UK and a Tale at PA
An interview with the team who helped build the Particular Audience UK office, meet Arbnor Beciri, Josh Flynn, Tom Dredge and Paul Aguele.
1, May 2022   |   Rochelle Ritchie
CommunityQuarterly Product Update
Patrick DiLoreto, Head of Product, breaks down the major developments in product at Particular Audience.
0, May 2022   |   Patrick DiLoreto
CommunityQ&A with Beth Smith: GM of UK and Head of AM at Particular Audience
Next up in our blog series 'People of PA’, meet Beth Smith, Global Head of Account Management and GM of the UK office.
2, Apr 2022   |   Caitlin McCartney
CommunityHere’s a Peek Inside the Annual PA Executive Offsite
Last month, leaders at Particular Audience (PA) met in Kangaroo Valley for the annual executive offsite to discuss planned outcomes for 2022, strategy and alignment.
2, Apr 2022   |   Rochelle Ritchie
CommunityQ&A with Lindsay Hatton: GM of North America and Head of BD at Particular Audience
Meet Lindsay Hatton, the General Manager of North America and Head of Business Development at Particular Audience.
4, Mar 2022   |   Rochelle Ritchie
CommunityWhy Every Startup Needs a Growth Engineer
Growth teams are the ‘secret sauce’ in the recipe for startup success. Some might call it marketing by engineers, or engineering by marketers; either way a growth engineer will help you communicate th...
4, Dec 2020   |   Caitlin McCartney
CommunityDoes a Startup Need an Office?
Does a start-up really need an office? We reflected on the things we love about work (mentorship, fireside chats, whiteboarding, post-it-note-a-thons, Friday drinks!) and realised that we NEEDED a spa...
4, Dec 2020   |   James Taylor

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