How to Leverage AI for Customer Experience in Ecommerce

Published 8th Jun 2022 by Caitlin McCartney
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From automation to advanced security features, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become vital to businesses in many industries, and eCommerce is no exception. Organizations are increasingly using AI to improve customer experience (CX) and boost customer loyalty.

Given the possibilities AI holds, it’s essential to pinpoint how this technology can be leveraged to meet your customers' needs and enhance their experience with your company.

In this article we discuss how to leverage AI to ‘know’ your customer, deliver optimized customer service and anticipate customers' needs to drive better CX and growth.

‘Know’ your customer (a.k.a. meaningful personalization)

With the deprecation of 3rd party cookies and growing reliance on 1st party data, ‘knowing your customer’ takes on a whole new meaning. For many retailers, this will involve a greater focus on AI to drive meaningful experiences.

AI can use browsing patterns and purchase history to more deeply understand customers and their preferences, which in turn can be utilized to predict their wants and needs, and makes for a more user friendly experience.

This can materialize as Recommendation tech - or something as simple as Bundles to show you understand your customer.

Provide exceptional customer service

AI also enhances the customer experience when it is applied to customer service. Here, AI can be used to reduce manual tasks and allow brand representatives to focus on priority items to deliver quality care.

By using AI, companies can collect key data points directly from the customer to identify consumer trends that can only be recognized in the customer service queue.

In the past, things like chatbots and SMS messaging have been used to gauge employee satisfaction and NPS scores, but increasingly more advanced AI tech like what was used for NRMA’s ‘Arlo the Koala’ - a chatbot designed to promote more intuitive exchanges through intelligent, automated and dynamic conversations - will be used by businesses.

Overall, AI offers companies the tools they need to scale their interactions with customers, providing a better experience for shoppers and freeing up resources for businesses.

Anticipate customer’s needs

With rising inflation and cost of living expenses, now more than ever price conscious customers are looking for deals.

With customers price checking more often, retailers must find ways to offer better value.

Smart pricing strategies such as Price Beat, price match and competitive pricing tools deliver dynamic pricing for consumers without retailers needing to drop prices across their entire inventory.

These strategies convert double the number of customers and preserve margin for retailers, all while improving CX by giving shoppers the real time best value for their money.

In short

By embracing new technology such as AI, retailers can provide more value for customers and transform CX with personalized Recommendations and experiences, automation and proactive customer service.

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